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Mariah Carey says 'American Idol' was like 'hell with Satan.' Really?

Mariah Carey didn't dance around the issue when asked about her time on "American Idol." During a recent radio appearance, the singer said her time as a judge on the show was like "going to work every day in hell with Satan."        

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SteamOS could really help desktop Linux adoption, says Torvalds

The Linux desktop revolution is just around the corner! This is a familiar refrain that has received new life in recent months thanks to Valve and its efforts to turn Linux into a gaming platform with the Steam client for Linux (shown above) and the Linux-based SteamOS . Even Lars Gustavsson, the chief game maker for DICE, which is the EA-owned studio responsible for the Battlefield series, has …

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Star Trek Into Darkness: Is It Really The Worst Star Trek Movie Ever? (MovieMantz)

"Star Trek Into Darkness" was recently voted the worst "Star Trek" film by fans at a recent "Trek" convention. Now, Access Hollywood's resident "Trekker" – Scott "Movie" Mantz – weighs in on the assertion it's the worst "Star Trek" movie of all-time.

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