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Themer offers a radical new look for your Android phone

Some of the Android skins available for download on Themer. (Credit: screenshot by Stephen Shankland/CNET) Some folks really like to take advantage of Android's customizability, as evidenced by the 48,763 (and counting) different home screens that people have uploaded to the MyColorscreen site. Now the company has begun trying to make an app business out of the idea. On Thursday, it launched …

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Samsung phone subsidies are even higher than iPhone subsidies

Despite the fact that the iPhone is the best-selling smartphone line in the world, carriers have historically not been the biggest fans of Apple’s handsets. In fact, some carrier stores have been caught trying to get customers to purchase anything other than the iPhone. Apple’s iPhone is known to carry huge subsidies, so it makes sense that wireless providers would favor more profitable handsets …

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