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American Idol Contestants Slap Show With $250 Million Racism Lawsuit

Fox's singing reality competition American Idol has been hit by 10 of its former contestants with a $ 250 million lawsuit, alleging racism from the show's cast. The complaint runs the length of a Harry Potter novel at 429 pages (the contestants' lawyer James H. Freeman is the same fellow who filed a 219-age suit against Lionsgate for $ 500 million earlier this year), pointing fingers at everyone …

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'American Idol' Racism Lawsuit: It's 429 Pages Long!

From "unconscionable Willy Wonka contracts" to allegedly manipulated reality television, here's the full complaint from 10 African-American contestants who were disappointed once they got "golden tickets." read more

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Hobbit Lawsuit: Warner Bros. Countersues Tolkien Estate, Alleges Breach of Contract Over Gaming Rights

Legal battles are not so precious. Warner Bros. filed a lawsuit against author J.R.R. Tolkien's estate Monday, claiming breach of contract over The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings…

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